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You are being targeted by advertisers. Installing an ad-blocker may be enough for you, but maintaining them on all of your family's devices is, well, un-maintainable.

While living the Ad-Free Life, ads and trackers across the web will be blocked on a DNS level from the cloud wherever you are, no software installation needed.

Ads on news sites gobble up as much as 79% of users' mobile data. Why are you wasting valuable data to see ads?

Accelerated Webpage Loading

Web pages have become bloated with visual ads and behind-the-scene trackers which slow down loading by several times over. Stop them in their tracks.

Utilize Less CPU, Save Battery Life

Loading ads can put a strain on your CPU, as well as blocking them with a browser extension. Since your ad-blocking is done in the cloud, you can surf longer.

Protect Those You Care About

Your loved ones don't have to be bombarded and targeted with ads. Don't let them become the product being sold.

What Am I Getting Now?

You are getting a pre-installed, preconfigured copy of the famous, open-source Pi-hole® software. This is usually installed on a small server on your home network with some advanced tinkering, only blocking ads and trackers at home. With Ad-Free Life, you'll have one in the cloud to follow you wherever you surf the web!


You can view the Pi-hole license here.

You can also take a look at the slightly tweaked script automating the install process here

Wanna Try Before You Buy?

Every account comes with a trial server already set up! Just log in and follow the tutorials to make sure it works. Then subscribe for you own dedicated server for only $9/month. Cancel anytime.

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